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ApplySmart offers a seamless, collaborative and ultra-secure platform for managing every aspect of a real estate transaction from pre-approval to closing. Our simplified process captures the data and documents for your condominium or cooperative, mortgage and homeowners’ insurance applications. With ApplySmart, every need of an applicant will be met via our highly vetted providers in home lending, title insurance, homeowner’s insurance and other complementary services.


Developed by a team of top experts in every aspect of real estate, mortgage, and technology, ApplySmart partners with the best providers in lending and title insurance to offer agents and their clients a peace of mind, confidence and the luxury of time.

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7-minute application

ApplySmart’s signature 7-minute application enables an applicant to effortlessly complete, share and manage their transaction from pre-approval to closing. Powered by a variety of APIs, the data points and documents are digitally captured and populated to complete application and accompanying disclosure forms. Upon completion, the application and documentation will be securely transmitted to the applicant’s service providers. ApplySmart is free for both the applicant and the real estate broker.


Single Point of Support

Single Point of Support will cover all aspect of a transaction – condominium or cooperative application, mortgage application, title insurance and/or homeowner’s insurance. Support will ensure any and all impacted parties and aspects of the transaction are promptly and thoroughly addressed.


In a world where privacy is top of mind, ApplySmart is designed to the most rigorous standards of privacy protection and cyber security. ApplySmart applies the highest levels of encryption and two-factor authentication.


ApplySmart’s secure eco-system enables the applicant to collaborate with their real estate broker, lender, attorney, insurance broker and other parties. Applicants are able to securely send private messages to one or multiple parties simultaneously. Data and documents can be shared confidentially by the applicant as they control who and when can access their information.


ApplySmart is an online mobile-optimized command center that lets you monitor your client’s progress, view contacts of all parties involved in the transaction, create and share tasks, and dozens of helpful functions. Designed with the agents in mind, ApplySmart allows you to remain in control of transaction wherever you are.

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